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[UPDATED MARCH 2018] WORD ON THE NYC STREETS: Great Weather for MEDIA Spoken Word Sundays Open Mic is Innovative, Reflective, and Fearless. What does great weather for MEDIA do for Arts and culture? And why are people flocking to great weather for MEDIA, LLC for publishing? Keep reading to learn why Spoken Word New York supports what great weather for MEDIA is doing for the Arts!

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Great Weather for MEDIA, LLC is a New York City based independent press founded in January 2012 by former Uphook Press editors Jane Ormerod, Thomas Fucaloro, Brant Lyon, along with editors George Wallace and David Lawton, that specializes in spotlighting the “unpredictable, the fearless, the bright, the dark, and the innovative” in writing. They showcase both national and international writers. As well as publishing the highest quality poetry and prose, they organize numerous readings, performances, and book releases in New York City and across the country.
In August 2016, great weather welcomed editors Aimee Herman and Mary McLaughlin Slechta to the family.
(information from great weather’s website: http://greatweatherformedia.com/about-us/)

Jane Ormerod




Jane Ormerod photo credit: Michael Geffner of The Inspired Word

Thomas Fucaloro Thomas Fucaloro photo credit: Shun Takino

Brant Lyon Brant Lyon

George Wallace  George Wallace    

David Lawton David Lawton  

Mary-Slechta-300x225 Mary McLaughlin Slechta

Aimee Herman Aimee Herman

This group of kick-ass editors does more for NYC literary arts than most editors in big-wig publishing companies. Not only do they work with the authors to get their writes published, they also inspire authors. This is a company of hard-working authors and artists that are doing more than the average. Each year they arrange a nation-wide reading tour for the writers that includes yearly anthologies — concurrent to curating their Great Weather Spoken Word Sundays Reading Series and much more. With all that they contribute to the arts, they also inspire their clientele by being an example of great writers and authors themselves — which is partly why people continue to choose them when they are looking to be published. People want to work with whom they admire and see succeeding at what they do. And great weather for MEDIA, LLC is doing just that – succeeding!
(learn of some of the writers that belong to the great weather for MEDIA family, here: http://greatweatherformedia.com/books/)

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