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Spoken Word New York directs you to some of NYC’s spoken word, poetry, open mic hot spots, and performance art.┬áSpoken Word New York is the spot for the HOTTEST Poets, Spoken Word Artists in the New York metropolitan area. And where you can see them performing. This site will aid you in finding out who’s hot when it comes to Spoken Word Artists performing in NYC. It will highlight some of the up-and-coming artists and the well-known ones. In addition, you will get a first-hand glimpse into the creative minds of some of your favorite poets. Learn what motivates them – and see how they make their poetic magic.

Be sure to CHECK BACK OFTEN for Upcoming Events, Art Performances, and Open Mics created for you throughout NYC. Please LEAVE COMMENTS on the posts you read to interact with the Artists, Curators, and Authors. It’s all about positive feedback and connecting! And Spoken Word New York is here to help you do just that. (If you want to see your favorite poet, author, or event listed here, email a “Request To See ___.” Then, go to the Contact page and email your request.)

From the Curator Spotlight, you learn more about what goes into creating space and building platforms for the Artists. And understand the importance of having such platforms for the Artists as well as for the patrons. The Artist needs a patron. The patron can’t enjoy the Art without the Artist creating and putting it out there. And the Curator contributes the space and opportunity for the Artists and patrons to get together under one roof. It’s all about doing what needs to be done to connect the Artist and the patron. Artist + Curator + Venue + Patron = KEEPING THE ARTS ALIVE!

Spoken Word New York will be your go-to for spoken word, poetry, open mic hot spots, and performance art. Check out our Upcoming Events that include Open Mics, book signings, author readings, and all types of Spoken Word/Poetry happenings in the five boroughs. You can also find great poetry books to check out by poets.

Visit this site often to check out the HOTTEST Spoken Word New York poets. And get the latest information on where your favorite poet will perform and appear next. Or, hit up an Open Mic to share your poetry or sit back and enjoy a great night of poetry. So join in on the fun!

Spoken Word New York is THE hot spot for your passion for Spoken Word and Poetry. Enjoy! Be sure to CHECK BACK OFTEN for updates!

(If you are a Poet, Artist, Author, Curator, Spoken Word Production Co., or Venue, if you see a spot where you belong here on Spoken Word New York and would like to be FEATURED on Spoken Word New York, visit the Contact page to send an email. Be sure to send an email with a “Request To Be Featured Poet/Author/Curator/Event/Venue/Production Co./etc.” You may be the next to be highlighted.)

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