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CELEBRATION of THE LIFE of Natasha “Itsrealight Love” Spence

Celebration of Light Sept 20th Flyer

Friends, family, fans and followers of Spoken Word Poet, Natasha “Itsrealight Love” Spence – you are cordially invited to attend a gathering of her friends, family and fans (in the poetry/art community), to celebrate her life, and how she enriched the lives of so many in her personal life and in the Arts-/Spoken Word-/Poetry-community.

On Sunday, September 20, 2015, 6:00pm, please come out to The Inkwell Jazz & Comedy Café
1165 Bedford Ave. (corner of Putnam Ave), Brooklyn, NY, and join in on “The Celebration of Light.”

Being that “Light” battled with Lupus, all proceeds from donations received will go to encourage Lupus Awareness on her behalf.

A coalition of Poets & Artists will gather to celebrate the life of one of our own. Since June I’ve been trying to come up with a poetic expression of the grief I have experienced since she took flight; my pen spits spotted words because they can’t flow freely but my love for her and admiration of her gift inspires me to try. I am personally inviting all of you who knew her or her gift to come out and celebrate one of the brightest to take a stage and represent the arts right. I invite all who want to be a part of a celebration where our love for the arts and each other will be expressed through amazing artists to come out and join us. I am personally inviting ALL to help us CELEBRATE THE LIFE OF Itsrealight Love. ~ CJ EmpressPoetry Layne

Itsrealight Pic from FB

“Councilmen sounds too close to
Cancel men
Santa Clause is fiction
And so are the
Clauses in their constitution
The Constitution
Is something they wrote
At the con’s institution
And that justice they told you about
It’s just ice
Sucked on to clear their palates of our equal rights
What about our right to democracy?
Can’t you see?
You are the mockery” ~ “The Harriet Tubman Complex” by Itsrealight Love

***VIDEO – “Itsrealight Love” Performs “Cyclops” @ Hear Here Poetry – April 5, 2014

Please, won’t you come out and show your love and light for our community friend, Spoken Word Poet, Natasha “ItsreaLight” Spence? Come celebrate the life of one of NYC’s greatest reciters to hit the mic! Come share your story of how she touched you with her truth in words, warmed you with her loving hugs (those I will truly miss most), filled your belly and fueled your soul with her cooking, and/or how she gave you life with her song.

Come celebrate the life of a wonderful Woman, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Artist, and Friend. With your presence, you will be benefiting a great Cause. It will, also, make you a part of GETTING THE WORD OUT ABOUT LUPUS. And a part of helping researchers and scientists become one step closer to finding a cure for Lupus.

“Celebration of Light” Presented by Friends of Spoken Word Poet Natasha “ItsreaLight” Spence
DATE: Sunday, September 20, 2015
TIME: 6:00pm
The Inkwell Jazz & Comedy Café
1165 Bedford Ave. (corner of Putnam Ave)
Brooklyn, NY


***VIDEOS of FRIENDS RECITING for “ItsreaLight” MEMORIAL – July 1, 2015 – Denver, CO on YouTube:



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