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Born in Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies, raised (since the age of 2) and residing in the Bronx, NY, Keisha Molby-Baez, also known as “Coco,” is a wife, mother, poet, author, illustrator, motivational speaker, curator, workshop facilitator, community activist, chef, United States veteran, and so much more. Keisha has worked within many different fields, which has helped mold her into the helpful, caring, loving, resourceful, and for-the-people person that she is today. She is committed to being the change she wants to see in the world. In fact, that is her motto: “Be the change that you want to see in the world!” Read on to learn more about why U.S. veteran Keisha “Coco” Molby-Baez still serves the people through her writing and by curating poetry and arts showcases.Coco Sept 2017 fb picture

Keisha found her purpose through creative writing and uses her poetry and workshops as a platform for community building and self-expression. She is determined to share her life’s journey through her books, performances, and through the platforms that she has put into place for herself and other artists to comfortably showcase their talents and share their stories.

Keisha’s work has extended into her self-care journey, since the day she was diagnosed with multiple diseases. Her health issues have not stopped her from living in her purpose, though. If anything, they have made her realize how brave and strong she is and that she is thriving. Her struggles encourage her, each day, to rise up each time she feels weighed down by all the negatives and daily setbacks. From it all, she had learned to register her pain as a pleasure; she has managed to master mind over matter. Which is what encouraged her to create the Passion Filled Writers: Mind Over Matter Edition.

Passion Filled Writers: Mind Over Matter Edition consists of workshops that teaches one how to build their own mental-safe and how to turn their daily negatives into a lifetime of positives. Her workshops help different communities to communicate through writing, drawing and sharing their cultures. Keisha’s workshops also help others to express and collaborate their values, views, inner-feelings and perspectives with one another. Her workshops are intended to spark deep thoughts, ignite passion and spread Love.

Keisha’s most recent publication is her poetry book, Tears Laced With Fire, which is a collection of poems that are filled with the pain she has overcome, along with her inner most deep thoughts, feelings, perceptions and struggles. Uniquely, each of her poems illustrate a true story that will draw you into her emotions. And connect you with some truths of your own.Tears Laced With Fire by Keisha Molby-baez (book cover)

Tears Laced With Fire is a book of truth, endurance, family, struggle, survival, strength, relentlessness, passion, empowerment,…love.
In her writing, “Coco” wants to share everything with her readers, simply because she has experienced so much and wants to help others through their own similar experiences. And by writing with such passion, the people are drawn to her work and appreciate it — for they have found healing within her lines; the healing that she continuously finds within her day-to-day living.

In Spring 2017 CoCo, along with The South of France Restaurant owner Maribel Gonzalez, began an open mic series for their love of poetry and also for the poetry-lovers. If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy a fun, relaxed, welcoming, monthly Open Mic that allows the artist to fully open up and release through self-expression, look no further than the (Free) Bronx Open Mic: Coco’s Delight Poetry Arts Showcase with Open Mic @ The South of France!

We, at Spoken Word New York, acknowledge and appreciate the work that Coco puts into creating platforms for writers, artists, creators, and people of all sorts to comfortably better themselves through expression. She is truly dedicated to the people and to serving us still — through delivering into the world the beauty that is ART! We art-lovers thank you for doing your pART to keep The Arts alive!

Turn the page to read more about her upcoming Poetry Arts Showcase for the month of October!

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