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Sunday, November 8, 2015, 4:00pm at the Parkside Lounge, great weather for MEDIA’s “Spoken Word Sundays” features poets, Nessa, D-Bird and Christopher Stanly. Along with these powerhouse featured poets/writers, there will also be an Open Mic. This “Spoken Word Sundays” event will be hosted by Canvas of Words’ Poet Thomas Fucaloro.

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great weather for MEDIA’s “Spoken Word Sundays” WEEKLY OPEN MIC SERIES has another great feature-set and Open Mic planned for you. This weeks FEATURES will be Nessa, D-Bird and Christopher Stanly.



Nessa Va Image by VisionsInPhotography (photo credit: VisionsInPhotography)

Nessa is a Colombian American artist, Social Worker and lover of life hailing from “Queens, N.J.”. She has been expressing herself through the written word since childhood, breaking through to the open mic in early 2012 on the Capicu Culture stage.

Nessa aims to serve as a catalyst for therapeutic, liberated and authentic expression, exposing her heart, mind and soul as an invitation for you to do the same and live to tell about it.



D Bird El Palabrero Fb Pic




He says his name is

Daniel Jose G. Nuñez Arrillaga Acosta Suarez Ceija… Bird,

But you can call him,


Nobody knows exactly where D.Bird came from. Some believe he was “hatched” in a secret location deep beneath the urban jungles of San Juan, Puerto Rico, where Sofrito caramelized vocal chords and spilled ink colored outside the lines and filled in the space between the margins. Out of that primordial ooze evolved a bilingual spoken word artist that’s part poet, part comic, and all anti-hero. His work addresses themes ranging from love, family, and relationships to culture, race, and politics.

D.Bird has been sighted as a featured performer at poetry venues throughout New York City, including Word@4F, Tract 187 Culture Clatch, Mercury Soapbox, Word from On Heights, No Name Series, Stark Reality, Risk of Discovery Reading Series, Inwood Local Poets, Areito Live!, The Inspired Word All-Star Showcase, Make Music NY Spoken Word Extravaganza, Smokin’ Word Open Mic, Capicu Culture, the Nuyorican Poets’ Café, and Amnesty International’s SLAMnesty Showcase.

It has been observed that D.Bird wears a peculiar… attire. A black hat hides his eyes; a scarf–typically red–masks his face; he dons a grey cloak that functions as some sort of cape. Blazing across his chest is a shield bearing the Puerto Rican flag. It can be assumed he is indeed of such extraction.

Lastly, some call D.Bird a “hero.” But he is no hero. He holds nothing sacred. He conceives of many cherished ideals–such as love or community–as idols. Idols that are meant to be broken.”


Christopher Stanly Pic


Christopher Stanly is a poet residing in Rutherford, NJ where he writes naked and roasts vegetables with rosemary. He works for corporate America and loathes it but is grateful for the free paper, staples and paycheck. He is a four time National Poetry Slam, two time Individual World Poetry Slam competitor and was recently featured on Button Poetry. He has a new chapbook, Discovering Dichotomies, and really wants you to read it. He just turned 28 years old so his dreams of dying a famous rock star have been squashed. Be kind to him.

SEE Christopher perform in “Fat Love” on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=3&v=-1QOS3C1OVg




great weather for MEDIA showcases both national and international writers EVERY SUNDAY at the Parkside Lounge for their reading series, “great weather Spoken Word Sundays.” They offer Featured readers and always a Poetry Open Mic, 4:00 – 6:00 pm. All styles of poetry are welcome at the Open Mic.


Thomas Fucaloro Hosts great weather for MEDIA’s “Spoken Word Sundays” Presents: Nessa, D-Bird and Christopher Stanly @ Parkside
DATE: Sunday, November 8, 2015
TIME: 4:00pm – 6:00pm
COST: $2 (suggested donation. donations of larger quantity are most welcomed.)
**21 & over – 2 drink minimum (coffee, tea, soda also available)

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317 East Houston St
Manhattan, New York (LES)
(212) 673-6270
TRAVEL: By Subway: Take the F to Second Avenue. Go up the 1st Avenue stairs and head East on Houston Street.

For more information about great weather for MEDIA’s “Spoken Word Sundays”, visit: Webpage: www.greatweatherformedia.com
Twitter: @greatweatherfor


For more information about Thomas Fucaloro, visit:
Webpage: http://www.wendyanguloproductions.com/featured-artists/thomas-fucaloro/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thomas.fucaloro
Twitter: @FucaloroThomas

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