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LOOKING for a little APRIL FOOL’S DAY entertainment in NYC? Have you heard of Mike Geffner Presents: The Inspired Word? If you haven’t heard of Mike Geffner Presents The Inspired Word, then you must not be from around these parts. But trust me, if you search or ask around, you’ll find that THE INSPIRED WORD is big in NYC. Here’s your chance to see for yourself! On Friday, April 1, 2016,  Mike Geffner and his team at The Inspired Word NYC are celebrating six years of bringing the people art and entertainment; with one of the hottest Open Mics in NYC. They will be bringing you a show filled with poets, singers, rappers, musicians, comics and more, that is destined to leave you high off of exhilarating entertainment. But this IS NOT an open mic! Nope! No open mic for this show. This show is dedicated to serving YOU straight shots of magic with 30+ FEATURED ARTISTS! If you think his events are HOT now, wait till you get a load of what he has in store for you at The Inspired Word NYC 6-Year Anniversary Show Hosted by HBO Def Poet, Gemineye and Spoken Word Legend, Nathan P.  with Music, Spoken Word, Poetry, and Comedy @ The Parkside Lounge. This anniversary show is going to be FIRE!

ONLINE TICKET PURCHASE: https://inspiredwordnycsix.eventbrite.com/
Exclusive Reserved Seating (online only) – limited availability



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The Inspired Word Gemineye ThePoet 2014



The hosts, alone, are reason to get to this show! HBO Def Poetry Star, Gemineye is one of NYC’s well-renowned, HOTTEST Indie Artists. And NYC Spoken Word Legend, Nathan P., the kooolest poet in NYC, will be lighting up the stage with his sultry voice and hopefully, will tease us with his mind-tingling poetry.





Nathan P fb Pic 2015




With a lineup of some of NYC’s HOTTEST Spoken Word/Poetry artists and musical performers all on one stage, there will be more than just a “buzz” in the air after this 6-Year Anniversary Extravaganza. This show is sure to bring more artists out wanting to see how they, too, can get involved in The Inspired Word and have the poetry-lovers flocking in the doors to see more great artists.





The Inspired Word helps unite the novice with the veteran – allowing the novice to see what their future as an artist can look like. The Inspired Word brings together the poetry community — caters to the palates of those who crave poetry, spoken word, music, comedy, and other forms of stage art — gives spoken word poetry fans a place that can become home to them for WEEKLY spoken word poetry events, and most importantly, gives the poetry community a place to gain exposure of their talent; from the Open Mic’ers to the Featured Performers, at The Inspired Word, it’s not just a community of artists — you soon become family.


The Inspired Word Family Pic
“The Inspired Word isn’t just a series, it’s a movement.”

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