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Misconceptions that were addressed throughout the show were:

Names. Not judging people by one’s name, stature or look.  (Peggy Robles-Alvarado)

Revolution in the Community. The NYC poetry community. The lack of support coming from the artists to their peers; causing the weakening of the community. A coming together (“revolution”) is needed. (Shafina Ahmed)

Misconceptions Shafina Ahmed

Color. Not judging one by their color. Ending stereotypes. (James “Peach” McClory)


Definitions. Defining your own. Be who you are. (El David)

Being who you are. Being okay with who you are. It’s okay to be different and to do differently. (“Chulisi”)

Clarification of Society: Us and Them. A nation divided by classes. Which are you?  (Salvador, Mark, Aj)

Age. Age ain’t nothing but a number. Love what you love for as long as the love resides in you. Elena’s hip-hop poetry took me back to when hip-hop had a message. She proved that ‘old-school’ is a work of art. (Mariela, Mark, Elena)


Feelings. Being okay with sharing your feelings. Not holding them in because of what people might think of them. “Thoughts weigh less when you tell them…” (Danny Matos)

Identity. Three individual types of Latina Women, sharing territory; all one people. (Katalina, Karina, Mariela)


Weight. Being judged by size. Why are we so obsessed with weight in America? Why not work on enlarging our heart; seeing and loving people within — as a human being — who they really are? (Vanessa Chica, Rashawna Wilson)

Misconceptions Vanessa Chica and Rashawna Wilson

(El David, Katalina) Having faith. The lovely couple of ELKAT Productions performed through song and spoken word; opening a window for us to look through; showing us it’s okay to have faith and believe in our Orishas.

Misconceptions Katalina RodriguezMisconceptions El David

(Mary, Nick, Little Sheba) Performance. Performing for an audience. Reading versus memory. Little Sheba says, “Delivery of the message is what it’s about.” Mary’s quiet message was heard the loudest. The audience sat up and listened as if she had the secret to making money. (watching Mary light up the stage with her PERSEVERANCE — one of my favorite performances of the whole evening)

Misconceptions Little Sheba and Nick E. Finn

Sexuality. “Not all lesbians want all Women.” Lesbians are still Women and should be treated as a Woman. (Tamara G. Saliva)

(photo credit: Visions In Photography @vip_visions)

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