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Bronxites! Poetry-lovers! If you are interested in poetry that gives society a message of truth and a demand for change, then you want The BX Files by El DAVÍD with Bronx Poets and Writers. The BX Files –  Contemporary Poetry from the Bronx is an inspiring, self-empowering poetry book filled with works from some of the Bronx’s most powerhouse poets and writers. And as a way of giving back to their community, all profits will go towards El Fogon Center for the Arts — a longtime supporter of the Bronx arts scene. By purchasing this book, you also will be giving back – contributing to keeping the arts alive in the BX.

The BX Files book cover


The BX Files –  Contemporary Poetry from the Bronx
Contemporary poetry and prose from some of the most prominent Bronx poets and writers. Poets and writers including:
El David (Author), David “D-Black” Roberts (Author), Peggy Robles-Alvarado (Author), Carlos Manuel Rivera (Author), Katalina Rodriguez (Author), Natalie Caro (Author), Karina G-Lopez (Author), Rebeca Lois (Author), Cesilie Vega (Author), George Colon (Author), Gerault Rotundo (Author), Christopher “Chilo” Cajigas (Author), Salvador Martinez (Author), H.Txai Frye (Author), Vanessa Chica (Author), Jossie Ortiz (Author), James “Peach” McClory (Author), Marisol “Skittlez” Perez (Author), Cecil Brooks (Author), John “Chance” Acevedo (Author), Illion (Author)
For more information on the Poets and Writers (Authors) of Art of Words, feel free to search Facebook. They are all found there.

TO PURCHASE THE BOOK The BX Files – Contemporary Poetry from the Bronx, visit:
ELKAT Productions: www.elkatproductions.com
AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/BX-Files-Contemporary-Poetry-Bronx/dp/1517756464/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1471368693&sr=1-1&keywords=BX+Files+El+David


El DAVÍD a.k.a. The Outlaw of Poetry, is a spoken word artist, music producer, author, visual artist, host, community activist, director of World Music band, Machete Movement, and Co-Founder of ELKAT Productions, an independent artist production company.

El David Book Collection on Fb

His literary works include poetry books, Art of Words, For the People, America’s Brainchild; and several works included in Me No Hablo with Acento, an anthology edited by Emanuel Xavier; and The Bandana Republic, an anthology edited by Luis Reyes Rivera and Bruce George. His works have also been published in the Village Voice, New York Newsday, and Stress Magazine.

As an artist and music producer, El DAVÍD has released two Rap albums, “Adult Guntemperhairy Musesick 4 Da Streets” and “Sedition”; a New Age album titled, “Rebirth,” a collaboration with New Age author, Bob Mandel. He has also released the poetry albums, “Legendary,” by Emanuel Xavier; and “America’s Brainchild,” a spoken word with music album by El DAVÍD.

El DAVÍD also performed in Bomba music album “Aqui Tambien” by Segunda Quimbamba and and produced Bomba music album“Viejos Tiempos” by Cimmarones.

El DAVÍD Pic by VisionsInPhotography

As the director of Machete Movement, El DAVÍD is the composed and produced the albums, “Post No Bills” and “Roots In Concrete,” and also composed, performed and produced works on the charity album, “Smokin’ Word,” a collection featuring some of NYC’s best spoken word artists to benefit No More Deaths – a humanitarian organization providing aid for people crossing the U.S. Mexico Border.

El DAVÍD co-hosts a monthly open mic series called, “Smokin’ Word Open Mic Series” at The South of France Restaurant, in the Bronx. He is a member of The Full Circle Ensemble – New York’s Premier Poetry collective.

(photo credit: Leticia Torres – Visions in Photography)

***For more information on the Poets and Writers (Authors) of Art of Words, feel free to search Facebook. They are all found there.

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