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Tears Laced With Fire

[Poetry] Here’s a glimpse into the mind of Keisha “Coco” Molby-Baez:

“A Bleeding Soul”

She sits in front of the mirror, running her fingers through her hair.
Wondering how much of this lifestyle she can bear.Coco Unfortunate poem image
She imagines that she isn’t a stripper, going through these painful stages.
She is tired of dancing inside cages.
Her skin is sweaty, her makeup smudged, legs burning from sliding up and down the pole.
Feeling like she has lost all her chances of getting out of this forsaken hole.
Tired of the same routine each and every day.
Praying to God for help and to show her a way.
All she looks forward to is the money she gets when she strips.
Thoughts of eloping on a self-discovery trip.
Always worrying if anyone is going to pay to see another clip.
Some creepy and intoxicated ones try to take a dip.
Her only promise to herself is never to allow anyone to kiss her lip.
Nor back it up behind her thick hip.
Every night she leaves work, she goes into a lounge and just sits.
Not one eye can avoid staring at her outer beauty while she is getting lit.
She doesn’t care about their attention to her outer looks.
She is concerned if they will admire her inner self instead of judging the cover of her book.
She is truly a lover, not a fighter.
Misjudged because she doesn’t wear her clothes loose; instead, she likes them tighter.
She finally met one nice guy that seemed to have it all.
Taking her to many fantasy balls. Portraying love and her inner and outer beauty.
But something didn’t seem right because nothing in life is always perfect.
It was their anniversary night, and he decided to use his poison and infect.
Nowhere to hide!
He murdered her dreams of being a bride. What is he?
Why doesn’t he leave her to die?
He knows she is purposeless and dry.
She longs to leave but can’t go.
His grip is strong, and his ambition extremely low.
Breaking her faith down, leaving nothing more to destroy.
He wears her pain like a mink fur.
She hates what he has made of her.Coco Facebook image
Each attack leaves her drowning in his tight embrace.
He has the most protective security, keeping anyone from suspecting his place.
She is trying not to give up and is weary from the build-up of exhaustion.
He comes every night, innocent, with his arms wide open, wanting her to openly accept his horrid destruction.
She is having deep regrets about not holding on to her silly pride.
Never dated this guy, and opening up wide.
As she saw her last sight.
She grabbed it and began her fight.
She knows why revenge is sweet.
Smiling as he goes under, confirmation of no heartbeat.
The police and ambulance are outside.
No need to hide.
Why ponder?
Or wonder?
Who it is? She did it!
No more days of stripping, sitting, and getting lit.
She has been saved and given a chance to start a new stage.
As she walks away from all this pain and begins her first page.

Copyright© 2016

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