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Tears Laced With Fire

[Poetry] Here’s a glimpse into the mind of Keisha “Coco” Molby-Baez:

“Our Society: Join the Revolution”

Today’s society
All ages depressed
Students stressed
People rather have hate
Instead of offering help or a warm plate
Focusing on what you wear and your weight
No values, no goals, only bad karmic fate
It’s all about sex and thugs
Too many young adults selling drugs
The consequences they can’t escape
Stifled, closed in, rebellious, and ignorant; of their parent’s emotional, mental, and physical rape
Are you enjoying your society?
Not me!
How can I when it’s filled with so much depression and anxiety
Got justice?
These people didn’t get a chance. Instead, they were given the death of injustice
Eleanor Bumpurs
Ezell Ford
Eric Harris
Doritre Hamilton
Brandon Glen
Walter Scott
Sherawat FrancisCoco The Old Me, New Me image
Aiyana S-Jones
Akai Gurley
Yvette Smith
Oscar Grant
Sean Bell
Kimani Gray
Amadou Diallo
Trayvon Martin
Philando Castile
Emmet Till
Sandra Bland
Freddie Gray
John Crawford
Michael Brown
Rekia Boyd
Alton Starling
Eric Garner
Tamir Rice
Tanisha Anderson
Tony Robinson
Society needs to join the revolution to save our daughters and sons
They want to compromise and fear
I want democracy this year
We all are born with the same right to stand
Freedom of expression and to own a piece of land
Overwhelmed hearing so many say, “In time, things will take their course; just wait one more day”
Who needs freedom when their dead
Let’s start a movement and break bread
Is your hunger the same too?
True freedom and justice, for me and you

Copyright© 2017

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