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Spoken Word Poetry Open Mic Dos…

SWNY Open Mic Do's and Dont's

*If at all possible, let the host or curator know you are coming in advance of the event. And be sure to sign up for the Open Mic upon arrival. If R.S.V.P is available, be sure to do so. That guarantees you entry and/or a spot on the Open Mic and lets the event coordinator know how many people to expect to accommodate.

*Practice reading your work beforehand so you’re not run past your allotted time.

*Let the host or curator know ahead if you have any specific requests for your performance — audio needs.

*Try to keep it as clean as possible — Rated R at best. Sometimes there are children in the audience. Yes, there IS a way to keep your piece true to its originality by doing so. Take into account that the piece will not lose its luster if you resist throwing the P-word and F-bombs every which way. Cursing is not disapproved of. But do keep in mind that you can be openly expressive without being insulting. Ask the host or curator what the standards are. Not all Open Mics are going to be THE place for all types of written/spoken art. For erotic poetry, look for an Open Mic that caters to Erotic poetry. There are many to choose from in NYC. (Check Spoken Word New York’s Open Mic Hot Spots for the many styles of Open Mics and to find a Spoken Word Poetry Open Mic in NYC)

*Turn off your cell phone! Or, at least put it on mute.

*Do try to stay till the end of the Open Mic. People sat through and applauded your work/performance. Do show the same respect as theirs.

*Do keep in mind that audience participation is vital to a Spoken Word Open Mic. People are on stage, pouring their heART out to strangers. That, there, is accepting one’s vulnerabilities, and takes great courage to do. So. Clapping and positive verbal appreciation for an artist are most welcomed. Especially if you relate to/connect with what they have shared.

*Tip generously and patronize the bar, coffee shop, restaurant, bookstore, or wherever the Open Mic takes place. If you are at a FREE Open Mic, follow the rules of the minimum purchase of the food or drink (if at a bar or restaurant).

*If the Spoken Word Poetry Open Mic is FREE, ask if the curator accepts donations. $1 or $2 dollars add up when trying to raise funds to keep an event going.

*Do SPREAD THE WORD about the Open Mic. If it has done something positive for you, do something positive for others by letting them know about it. Do your pART to help KEEP ART ALIVE!

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