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Playwright/Performing Artist/Spoken Word Poet/Actor, the multi-talented, Nick E. Finn is headed to Broadway! Well, maybe not tomorrow. But someday soon, you will surely see him on a Broadway stage. Until then, you can see him LIVE! on stage, January 28, – 30, 2016; where Spoken Word Poet, Nick E. Finn performs in his very own one-man show “THE LAST HIPSTER IN BROOKLYN” @ JACK Theater in Brooklyn, for a three-night engagement.
Nick E Finn (From The Page to the Stage)
Brooklyn Gypsies, a theater-, poetry-, producing and teaching artists collective, presents its first-annual, One Catches Light Festival, to showcase the talents of NYC-based performers. Nick E. Finn will be one of three performers to appear in the 3-day stage production (of 3 individual plays).



Be sure to order your tickets to see “The Last Hipster in Brooklyn.” After seeing Nick perform at The National Black Theatre with the Full Circle Ensemble NYC‘s stage productions of “From The Page To The Stage” and “Misconceptions,”  I have seen firsthand the talent that this young man possesses. He is definitely one of Brooklyn’s rising stars in performance art.





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Brooklyn Gypsies is proud to present the first-annual One Catches Light Festival, celebrating the new work of extraordinary NYC-based solo performers. In this inaugural festival, three unique solo artists will take the stage at the start of every hour from 7:00pm–10:00pm for three nights in January. Honesty, music, new love, and Brooklyn from three voices catch the light each evening.
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Brooklyn Gypsies, led by Modesto “Flako” Jimenez, brings into being this first-annual festival celebrating the new work of NYC-based solo performers. For three nights, three solo artists in the Gypsies family will share a bill — Colie McClellan with “Arethusa Speaks,” Bay Bryan with “Growing Into My Beard” and Nick E. Finn with “The Last Hipster in Brooklyn.” Honesty, music, new love and Brooklyn from three voices catch the light each night.




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What is a hipster?  “The Last Hipster in Brooklyn” is a one-man-show that captures a specific place and time in American history.  By weaving a story that blends theater, spoken-word, and hip-hop, self-professed hipster Nick E. Finn takes on multiple perspectives and characters – both Brooklyn natives and transplants – to tell the story of 2015 Brooklyn.
As both a satire of the Hipster Subculture and a sincere ode to Brooklyn, Nick falls in love with BK, but then is forced to confront his own role in the borough’s gentrification and its rapidly changing identity. Will Nick be able to reconcile his love for the “Old Brooklyn” with his affiliation with the “New Brooklyn?” And will he be able to answer, once and for all – what is a hipster? Comedy, adventure, romance, and poetry come alive on stage when Nick E. Finn performs “The Last Hipster in Brooklyn.”


Written/Performed by: Nick E. Finn

Directed by: Modesto “Flako” Jimenez

Produced by: Brooklyn Gypsies Collective

Visual Designer: Kevin Torres

Sound Designer: Lateef Dameer

Stage Manager: Olander Big O. Wilson


**WATCH NICK perform the title poem from his one-man-show “The Last Hipster in Brooklyn”:




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Thursday, January 28, 2016
7:00pm – Arethusa Speaks
8:30pm – The Last Hipster in Brooklyn
10:00pm – Growing into my Beard

Friday, January 29, 2016
7:00pm – The Last Hipster in Brooklyn
8:30pm – Growing into my Beard
10:00pm – Arethusa Speaks

Saturday, January 30, 2016
7:00pm – Growing into my Beard
8:30pm – Arethusa Speaks
10:00pm – The Last Hipster in Brooklyn
(After-party with FREE FOOD ’til midnight)

TICKET COST: $15 for ONE show; $20 for all THREE shows (SEE ALL 3 SHOWS! ENJOY PERFORMANCE ART!)
ONLINE TICKET PURCHASE: brooklyngypsies.org

JACK Theatre
505 1/2 Waverly Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11238

TRAVEL: C/G to Clinton/Washington

For more information about Brooklyn Gypsies or “The Last Hipster in Brooklyn,” visit:
Webpage: brooklyngypsies.org

For more information about Nick E. Finn or “The Last Hipster in Brooklyn,” visit:
Facebook: facebook.com/nickefinn
Instagram: @nickefinn
Twitter: @nickefinn
Email: [email protected]

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