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See Andres “Chulisi” Rodriguez perform in his one-man show, I’m Just Saying @ The Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre on Youtube:

ABOUT “Slips, Trips and Falls – Essays and Poetry of a Latino in NYC”:

“Within these pages lies the trials, tribulations and hardships of growing up on the streets of NYC. With poetry and short essays, you look deep into the experiences that have shaped this author into the man that he is today — through the addiction, abuse and finding of Self.

Rich in identity, this must-read helps you look deeper into what hardships a gay Latino man has had to endure on a daily basis before finding himself.”


“A fantastic read… So hard to put down… Brought back many child hood memories … Wonderfully written.” – Freddie

“Amazingly honest and raw telling of so personal a journey – of overcoming barriers with soul-crushing courage, dignity and grace. Couldn’t put it down.” – Laura Lecour

“I am an avid reader but slow paced. This amazing book changed that as I could NOT stop reading it until the very last page was turned. Having met and experienced the author’s beautiful and inspiring energies added to my intrigue. It is raw truth; gives voice to many others similarly situated-past & present. Giving wings to dreams and many futures in today’s world. HIGHLY-RECOMMENDED and especially to “the emotionally anorexic”.
Love <3 IS The Answer!! – Jaime “The Maestro” Emeric


Andres Chulisi Rodriguez Book Cover Image


TO BUY YOUR COPY of “Slips, Trips and Falls – Essays and Poetry of a Latino in NYC” by ANDRES “CHULISI” RODRIGUEZ:

AMAZON ONLINE PURCHASE: http://www.amazon.com/Slip-Trips-Falls-Memoir-Poetry/dp/1515093328/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1445364241&sr=1-1&keywords=andres+chulisi+rodriguez


For more information about “Chulisi,” follow him at:
Weblog: https://chulisi.wordpress.com/

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