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What is self-promotion for artists and how is it done?SpokenWordNewYork_Logo-292x94

Let’s first look at what self-promotion is.

According to Google dictionary, Self-Promotion is defined as: “the action of promoting or publicizing oneself or one’s activities, especially in a forceful way.”

Yes, self-promotion can be abused and used in a way that makes one look bad. Some people have been known to try and force their product or brand upon people or to guilt trip them into buying. But self-promotion does not have to be a negative thing or seen negatively. There are passive, positive ways to use self-promotion that can help your brand and business grow. All it takes is knowing how and keeping it simple.

SWNY Tai Allen No Jewels Nov '17 promo flyer

I hear people speak on and once read about self-promotion as if it were a bad thing. Someone said it shouldn’t be done. This particular person (an artist) writing about it frowned upon self-promotion. I wondered why. I asked, “Why…?” I had questions! But received no answers. Therefore, I’m using this platform to send the message that I would have shared with the artist in question, so that other artists that share the same belief of “…it’s degrading for artists to promote themselves…” can possibly gain a new perspective and see the healthy benefits of self-promotion.Live Big Girl Writing Workshop Winter 2018 flyer

Anatomy of an Idea Updated Flyer Oct '17 - Mar '18To those [independent] artists who believe self-promotion is shameless and in bad taste, but are also looking to gain new fans to gain more money, try looking at it like this:

First, stop judging. Stop judging yourself. Stop judging what you think someone else is thinking. And start thinking more positively; about yourself, your purpose, and of your work. That’s what’s most important!

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