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In the past three years, attending art events has been a distant memory for many. But now, in the year 2023, it’s time to rediscover the joy of being able to attend in-person art events. With an increasing number of people getting vaccinated and restrictions loosening, we’re finally on our way back to enjoying live music performances, art exhibitions, spoken word poetry open mics, and more.

For those of us who were used to attending these kinds of events before the pandemic began in 2020, we can remember how exciting it was to be part of a vibrant crowd. From the moment you stepped into a venue or museum, you could feel the energy and love of art radiating from everyone around you as they experienced something unique and extraordinary together.

Now that we’re slowly regaining access to these experiences, we can once again revel in the magic of being surrounded by others while appreciating works of art. So, after all these months spent apart, let’s come together again to celebrate art and culture!

What Happened To Live Art Events?

The start of 2020 brought with it the promise of a new decade and a host of exciting live art events. But then, something unexpected happened. The coronavirus pandemic took over the world, and in-person art events were canceled or postponed indefinitely. The creative community was left reeling from the sudden restrictions on their ability to share their work with an audience.

The lack of in-person events had an immediate impact on the creative industry. Art galleries, museums, music venues, and theaters closed for months, leaving countless artists without work or income. This caused widespread financial hardship across all creative industry areas and put even more pressure on those struggling to make ends meet.

Though some virtual events were able to fill the void left by canceled physical gatherings, they needed more energy and atmosphere that comes with experiencing artwork in person. With no end in sight for these restrictions, many artists have been forced to consider alternative ways to market their work and reach an audience online.

The pandemic has changed how we experience art forever – but it has also created a renewed appreciation for in-person events and performances when they return. So in 2023, we look forward to rediscovering the joys of seeing artwork up close and personal again.

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