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What are Raul K. Rios and LatinosNYC doing for the Arts? And why should the people of NYC, including the ART community, know about LatinosNYC’s Poetry Open Mic @ Nuyorican Poets’ Café? Let’s find out.

Raul K Rios (from the website)

Raul K. Rios, besides being a well-respected figure in the community, hails from the Nuyorican Poets’ Café. He is a Poet, Mentor, Substance Abuse/HIV/Mental Health Counselor, Minister, as well as the Founder of LatinosNYC.

He is actively involved in his community and other communities; he has produced a number of Poetry shows throughout New York City, many being held at the famous Nuyorican Poets’ Café, the Mecca of urban poetry. In addition, Raul has performed, as a feature or Open Mic, at Books in the Hood, Salsa Caterer’s, at the Tato Laviera tribute held at the prestigious New York University, The 5 C Club, El Taller (Julio De Burgos) Caza Azul, as well as Cemi Underground.

His personal mission is to “make sure that the future of people, regardless of gender, culture or race, are secure and that they never go without a meal, clothing or a place to lay their head.” Through the love and compassion of others, he wishes that his dream be shared through the generosity of his contributors who hope to effect positive change in the lives of many by supporting events he has single-handily organized.

Through his organization, LatinosNYC, he seeks to help all who are in need and does his best to make sure that all of our children and their families are secure through education, presentations, and donations. Furthermore, he hopes that through the events he organizes positive change through action, education and the arts become a reality.

Raul is a recipient of many awards, including the Humanitarian Award from his Taino community for the work he continues to do throughout the communities. In 2016, he was awarded Best of the Community from Comite Novembre.

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