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Poet, Writer, and Author Axel Garcia is a poet for the people. In Poetics by Axel Garcia, he teaches us to find comfort in walking our path. In his poems, you see a reflection of your doubts, beliefs, hurts, fears, triumphs… your spiritual journey to the other side of a better self. And in Poetics, you’ll see the brilliance that only comes from a writer with a passion for his work and love for his readers.

Poetics by Axel Garcia

Poetics by Axel Garcia


“In Poetics… It is emotion fused with fact; passion combined with science, and motivation inspired by faith.”
(Foreword written by spoken word poet, Mark Anthony ‘Vigo Hard BK’)


People often wonder what an author writes for. They ask, what’s your purpose as a writer? First and foremost, Axel Garcia writes with PURPOSE. Second, he writes to voice his inner thoughts, fears, hopes, failures and wins… among other things. Lastly, he writes to be able to release what often cannot be said but gives a certain freedom when written.

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“…poets, musicians, painters, dreamers who have inspired me throughout my life. This is for you.” ~ (Poetics Acknowledgements)


Author, Axel Garcia’s latest published work, POETICS, is everything! It is inspiration. It is enlightenment. It is reason. It is suffering that leads you to happiness. It is truth. It is understanding. It is love. It is real life. It is so much more!

His writes are grand… he is an iceberg. What he has shown us – with Poetics and his other poetry books – is clearly only the tip of what his gift possesses. And I am so eager to see what he delivers next! I highly recommend poetry-lovers to get their copy of Poetics by Axel Garcia. Fall in love with poetry all over again!

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