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Poet, Writer, Author, Axel Garcia is a poet for the people. In Poetics by Axel Garcia, he teaches us to find comfort in walking our own path. In his poems you see a reflection of your own doubts, beliefs, hurts, fears, triumphs… your own personal spiritual journey to the other side of a better self. And in Poetics you’ll see for yourself the brilliance that only comes from a writer with passion for his work and love for his readers.


Poetics by Axel GarciaAxel Garcia Poetics Back Cover

“In Poetics… It is emotion fused with fact; passion combined with science, and motivation inspired by faith.”
(Foreword written by spoken word poet, Mark Anthony “Vigo Hard BK”)




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Axel Garcia
writes with PURPOSE. What’s his purpose as a writer? He writes to give a voice to his most inner thoughts, fears, hopes, failures, wins… among other things.

He also writes to be able to release that which oft times cannot be said, but gives a certain freedom writing down.

(Click his name to learn more about the author – Axel Garcia.)


“…poets, musicians, painters, dreamers who have inspired me throughout my life. This is for you.” ~ (Poetics Acknowledgements)





Author, Axel Garcia’s latest published work, POETICS, is EVERYTHING! It is inspiration. It is enlightenment. It is reason. It is suffering that leads you to happiness. It is truth. It is understanding. It is LOVE. It is LIFE. It is so much MORE!

His writes are grand… he is an iceberg. What he has shown us – with Poetics and his other poetry books – is clearly only the tip of what his gift possesses. And I am so eager to see what he delivers next! I highly recommend poetry-lovers to get their copy of Poetics by Axel Garcia. Fall in love with poetry all over again!



Find Poetics on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1533156751/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_8ohExb5BF5125


GET A SNEAK-PEEK into Poetics. The piece “Not Enough” speaks on the truths happening in today’s society. It tells the story of color, race, religion, background, and of the judgements and shaming that we face for just wanting to BE accepted and loved as we are. This is one of my favorite pieces. Simply because it expresses a need for what most of us are asking for from the world – peace, understanding, acceptance, and change.


“Not Enough”

I’ve never fit in
My spot never chosen
Not Spanish enough to move my hips easily
Nor American enough to step on others to rise
Too militant
Yet not suffered enough to raise fists
Not white enough even when rocking to Metal
Roots not African enough to proclaim ancestry
My DNA is as scattered as my thoughts
Ask me who I am
I’ll say one thing and disagree with myself
Neither this nor the other
Not Muslim enough to Habibi
Not Christian enough to feel the Holy Spirit
Not Taino enough to darken my skin
Not animal enough to kill
Not human enough to care
Not covered enough in tattoos
Not paid enough to afford my bills
Not educated enough to be allowed formulated opinions
You leave me boxed in
Cornered as a hunted beast
Who every now and then reacts
And blamed for doing so
Don’t even want to step outside
Not worthy enough to walk
Shouldn’t even write
Not accepted enough to be cool with the clique
I stand just on the cusp
Peaking my head in ever so often
Shouldn’t be alive
Not worthy of breath
Someone else needs it more
Don’t want to see anymore
Vision I’d give to the blind immediately
I could say I’ve lost my way
If there was ever one to be lost
So I’ll remain
Until I fade from memory
And be just a whisper to some

copyright ©Axel Garcia



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Once you  pick up your copy, BE SURE TO take a deep look into the poem “In Silence.” It expresses the importance of being still and listening. Reminding us that the answers we seek are already within us.


What you receive from Axel’s poetry will make you fall in love with poetry (all over again, if you were before); will make you aware of your inner-self; or will transform you into your higher-self. Either way, you will not be the same. Read. And enJOY POETRY!


CHECK OUT Poetics along with other poetry, storytelling books written by Author, Axel Garcia, on Amazon.

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GET YOUR COPY of In Life And Love, Through Different Eyes (Poetic Verses), Poems of Renewal, and Poetics by Writer, AXEL GARCIA on Amazon.

AMAZON LINK TO PURCHASE BOOKS: https://www.amazon.com/Axel-Garcia/e/B00MXC8VKE/ref=dp_byline_cont_book_1




CHECK OUT Axel reading his poem “Transition” at El Fogon Center for the Arts, on Youtube:



For more information on Poet, Writer, Author, Axel Garcia, visit him on:
Website: garciaaxel.org (JOIN The Organization that helps the less fortunate in every way possible – garciaaxel.org)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Garcia.Axel.Writer/?fref=ts
Twitter: @MalcolmAxe
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Axel-Garcia/e/B00MXC8VKE/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0
Google+: https://plus.google.com/+AxGarcia/posts

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