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ABOUT THE POETRY BOOK – Poems of Renewal by Axel Garcia:

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Poems of renewal is a collection of poems that guide you through the spiritual journal that Axel has partaken throughout his life. This is his culmination.

Poems of Renewal by AXEL GARCIA

“I turned off the world around me and dove into my truth. Where Axel and the higher conscious self became one. I was able to convey so much more in these poems and that evolution was painful, but inevitable. Like being “born again”, or praying to “Mecca”, and chanting “Mantras”… I finally understood praise. May the reader of my words come to their own understanding.” ~ Axel Garcia


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“Axel Garcia brings you closer to your inner thoughts and emotions with a touch of bringing you closer to God. His words are so inspiring and make you believe. This is a book you must read if you need answers in your own personal journey in life. Thank you Axel and continue on your journey.”

“Axel never disappoints with his level of wisdom and raw, yet emotional, work. His level of poetry writing is just amazing and personal.”


GET A SNEAK-PEEK into Poems of Renewal. The piece “Goodbye” literally triggered an overwhelming feeling of letting go. It brought tears to my eyes; inducing a very healthy cry.


I wish to touch you again
But fear this damage we’ve done
I love enough
To relinquish tarnishing you
And pray you grow as you should
For to pick a rose from the ground
Only ends its life
I shall cease doing so
May waters from another’s heaven
Bring you growth
And nurture your petals
And soils on which you stand
Build foundation in your world
I walk away with your scent
Memories of your texture
On my fingers
The ones that you let go of
I will forever understand
The act of letting go
And with these words
My final goodbye

copyright ©Axel Garcia

Axel’s words come from a very direct place in his soul — raw and true. There’s an honesty that pervades throughout his poems and he wants the reader to be able to BE INSPIRED TO WRITE whatever they feel from their heart. And to not be bounded by form so much, but to seek honesty with what they want to write — and GO FOR IT!

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