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{UPDATED 2020}
Poems of Renewal by AXEL GARCIA is an inspirational poetry and storytelling book of TRUTH, hope, joy, faith, spirituality, encouragement, inspiration, becoming, awakening, LOVE, some sadness… all REALNESS — that unapologetically exposes his HEART and love for humanity.

[Books Update] Garcia’s inspirational poetry books, Poetics (May 2016) and Redeemed (December 2016), are both available on Amazon. Click the book title for more information about Poetics by Axel Garcia on Spoken Word New York.

Axel Garcia Poems of Renewal Book CoverAxel Garcia is a walking Senryu. He brings insight into a 3rd-eye blind. He is an overseer of intellect, a helper in those times one cannot understand. His words permit vision to the eyes of those who have lost sight of things. He is a man by nature, and nature has made him a Poet. His writing will help you to connect to your inner HUMAN BEING. And LOVE YOURSELF MORE!

Axel Garcia writes with PURPOSE. What’s his purpose as a writer? He writes to voice his inner thoughts, fears, hopes, failures, and wins… among other things. He also writes to be able to release that which ofttimes cannot be said but gives a certain freedom writing down.

Why Does Axel Garcia Write Poetry?

“The poetic license for me is the most expressive form of art. Being a very spiritual man, I’ve studied many religions and I find poetry in all the major religious books of our time. From the Bible, Quran to the Sutras. So I incorporate writing poetry with the words of God and as such, connection with the higher-self.” ~ Axel Garcia

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:Axel Garcia prayer image

Puerto Rican, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Axel Garcia has been a poet, musician, drummer, and activist for over 30 years. He’s the author of four books: In Life And Love, Through Different Eyes (Poetic Verses), and Poems of Renewal. Axel started writing during his teenage years. He began his studies in religion soon after and has received various degrees and ordinations — currently an Ordained Minister in New York State and an initiated Awo Ifa and Omo Esu. In February 2017, he received his chaplaincy from the state of New York.

Chaplain Garcia does volunteer work, helping nonprofits like LatinosNYC, ChilisonWheels, and others. Over the past few months, he has been improving his contributions to helping the NYC community through his own GarciaAxelDot-Org – a ministry organization to help the less fortunate (in any way possible) and to build a stronger community of people through Christ.

MESSAGE FROM AXEL about GarciaAxelDot-Org:


“Mi Gente! I recently started a fund for my Non-Profit Urban Ministry Organization to help the less-fortunate and those most in need. With the holidays around the corner, let’s work together in humanity to help feed the hungry; clothe the cold; and put a smile on the face of a less-fortunate child with a book or toy. If you find it in your hearts to give, I thank you. Also, please, share with others. May God bless you!

CLICK LINK to learn more about Urban Ministry Organization and to DONATE AND HELP SPREAD THE WORDhttps://www.gofundme.com/ministry-nonprofit-organization-2vejnbdx


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