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Writers: If you’re looking for an affordable Writing Workshop that may help to improve your craft, then you definitely want to join Open Moments NYC “The Traveling Pen Workshop” with Spoken Word Poet, Writer, Author, Ibrahim “P.O.E.T” Siddiq. This installment of “The Traveling Pen Workshop” will be located in Harlem at Project Brownstone, Inc., Wednesday, October 21, 2015, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm; only costing $10 to join. But WAIT! If you RSVP to the workshop, then the cost will be FREE to join this month’s writing workshop. Be sure to RSVP to save! RSVP at: [email protected].

Open Moments Oct 21, 2015 Traveling Pen POET Flyer


Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity NOW! Seats are limited and the workshop date is soon approaching. Open Moments NYC “The Traveling Pen Workshop” is an on-going writing workshop with new facilitators coming in periodically; giving you more of an opportunity to learn more of the full-range of creative-writing.

Don’t wait! If you’ve been wanting to work on your writing skills, learn new techniques, and strengthen your creative-writing muscles, here’s your chance. And at only $10, it’s also affordable. (SPECIAL OFFER – MUST RSVP FOR FREE ENTRY TO THIS MONTH’S WRITING WORKSHOP)

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