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A Letter to the NYC Spoken Word Poetry Community from an Art-Lover

Happy New Year 2016, Artists!
This is going to be THE year of The NYC Spoken Word Poetry Community. And THE best year of creating with: CHANGE, CONNECTING, and GROWTH. As an avid consumer/fan (one who puts money in pockets) of spoken word poetry, I have seen, for myself, some of the glitches in the NYC spoken word poetry ‘scene’ that I probably shouldn’t have. I don’t speak on what I’ve seen or what I know, and I won’t start here. But. What I will say is that I’d like to see, from the NYC Spoken Word Poetry community: connecting, growing, creating change — more LOVE come from the work and more unity among the ‘professional’ artists.




This letter is to show my belief in and appreciation for ALL artists in the spoken word poetry community. But when I speak of “what I’d like to see MORE from” (growth, connecting, change), that will be mainly directed towards the professional performance poets, professional spoken word artists, and professional performance artists.



Once upon a time, a well-known poet in NYC spoken word poetry,¬†True Poetess, mentioned the “caliber of poets” in a post on social media. Her statements touched me as an art-lover, and I totally agreed with what she said. I won’t go into reciting her lines. But, of my own opinion, what I will say of the “caliber of poets” out in the NYC SPOKEN WORD POETRY scene is this: it takes more than the gift to be an Artist. To be worthy of the title “artist” takes character and work ethic. Those who study the art and work on their craft, Growth shows up for them during their performance. And together (the Artist and Growth) they offer a great gift of Art to the audience. Those whom are just starting out; who get a little shine and think that they are “the best” at what they do, that “attitude” shows in your character AND performance, as well. And could be why your invitations to FEATURE for shows are getting lost in the mail. (not showing up)

All art is self-portraiture. You are what you bring to your ART! The Arts exists of what is brought to The Arts. Not all art that is being brought is the best of art, but it’s still, in some form, art. It’s up to the Art Community to study, learn, grow, and continue to create good art. It’s also up to the artists to continue to study, learn, and to transform/grow IN their craft just as with any other skill set for any other line of work. Times are changing. And the same ole will not do.

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