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CALLING ALL POETS! Saturday, May 2, 2015, 6:30pm, Raul K. Rios of LatinosNYC dares ALL POETS to “Come and try to win some money if YOU DARE TO!” at his “Be Heard” Open Mic featuring poet, writer, award-winning spoken word artist Mz. Conception, at the legendary NuyoRican Poets Café. Hosted by John “Chance” Acevedo – Music by Dj Paco SF Pro Cruz. “Be Heard” Open Mic is not your average, everyday Open Mic. This is an Open Mic with a special purpose. All proceeds go to a worthy community Cause.

Be Heard Flyer


What started out as an interest in attending and participating in live performance arts events, gradually shifted into Raul and the LatinosNYC board members curating shows of their own. Momentum on their side, it all eventually morphed into a vehicle that could be used to empower, serve and share with others. A labor of need had also become a labor of love – of excitement – of possibilities – and more.

LatinosNYC always offers a monthly event that includes an Open Mic; always held at the NuyoRican Poets Café. How does LatinosNYC’s events and Open Mics differ from the other Open Mics in NYC? They offer shows to benefit the needy of NYC and all around. The monies collected (what comes in from the door and donations from the audience), from their events, go towards serving the community: feeding the homeless, supporting the needy, and growing the community.


Mz. Conception is a poet from Queens New York. She is 22 years old and has had the opportunity to perform in various locations in the New York area. She has published her first book out of six titled, “Poetic Destiny”, March 10th, 2015. She has performed for the Rock Churches Crossroads talent show where she won the award for best spoken word artist. She was a part of a poetry slam last May. She has won multiple awards for her writing in poetry and as a playwright, as well as receiving the opportunity to have one of her poems titled “Happiness Starts Within” published on a plaque as well as a few poetry books. April, of last year, she began hosting her own Open Mic in Queens, ‘Free Expression Open Mic’ every second Friday of the month. She has performed for school plays, and for the board of trustees. She has starred in her first independent film, “Color Blind”, written and produced by Mikey Jay. She released her first official video for one of her poems titled “Girl Smile,” February 22, 2015.
No matter what has happened in her life she remains humble and dedicated to her craft of poetry.
Daily quotes that she lives by are:
“So many mysteries of the unknown and unseen that this wonderful gift of life can bring”
“You have complete control of your life more than you think you do. Only you can tell yourself no.”


“Be Heard” Open Mic welcomes ALL POETS, from beginner to pro, to step up, speak out and compete to win the grand prize of $75. Will it be YOU?

1ST PLACE: $75
2ND PLACE: $50
3RD PLACE: $25

Latanya DeVaughn, James “Peach” McClory and Cindy AnaCaona Peralta
THIS IS IT, POETS! Your chance to show your skillz. Will you take home the grand prize of $75 – 2nd place of $50 – or 3rd place $25? You won’t know until you sign up and TRY!


COME ON OUT and have fun on the mic or just watch and enjoy great poets battle it out for the grand prize AND contribute to a great Cause. Just coming to be an audience member is being part of the greatness of this event. Your being there (and at any of LatinosNYC’s events/Open Mics) HELPS TO SUPPORT THE CAUSE of helping the needy and taking part in building a better community. THIS is definitely a MUST-SEE OPEN MIC! Some of NYC’s Poetry greatness will be there. YOU should BE THERE, too!

LatinosNYC’s Presents: “Be Heard” Open Mic featuring Poet Mz. Conception
DATE: Saturday, May 2, 2015
TIME: 7:00pm – 9:15pm (doors open at 6:30pm)
COST: $12 (this includes Open Mic contestants)
236 East 3rd St. (bet. Avenue B and Avenue C)
New York, NY 10009
(212) 505-8183

For more information about LatinosNYC and how YOU can get involved in the Cause of feeding the homeless, visit: latinosnyc.org.
For all information and inquiries regarding LatinosNYC and the organizations official events and charities, e-mail:
[email protected]

To send donations to LatinosNYC:
P.O. Box 20468
New York City, NY 10009
For more information about Poet Mz. Conception, visit her through social networking:
I.G.: @mz.conception, @mizz_divaa
Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/Poeticdestiny.co?ref=bookmark
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/tishadiva003
Soundcloud: https://m.soundcloud.com/latisha-coleman
Poet Mz. Conception Brings the art of ​Open Mic to Jamaica Queens | By: CookTP



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