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Humble Beginnings: A Saga Revised by Abraham Benjamin was the first poetry book that lit a fire under this three-time author. Spoken Word Poet Abraham Benjamin, a.k.a “Honest Abe,” has a genuine skill for speaking truth into verses of knowledge. His humility within his writing showcases not only his love and respect for words but also his love and respect for the people to whom he writes. Whether his lines are about self-growth, love, empowerment, pain, the trials and tribulations of life, or inspiration, he always remains unapologetically true.
Humble Beginnings by Abraham BenjaminHeading into his 4th book (coming in 2016), Abraham Benjamin is a writer that induces deep thought, can change perspectives, is conscious, and can bring about change in your life. All you have to do is read. Check out some of the writings in his books: Humble Beginnings: A Saga Revised, Cussing A Curse With Worse Verse, and Spoken Soldier: The Honest Abe Movement.

SWNY Honest Abe“I have heard most of the work in his books as spoken word pieces (and they are powerful), but to read them brings on a different level of potency. This artist has an amazing gift of words and the ability to draw readers in. Wow!”

ABOUT THE BOOK: HUMBLE BEGINNINGS: A SAGA REVISED (Unlocked Thoughts of a Prophet’s Temple – Volume 1)

“After beginning his journey as a writer at the tender age of 10, Abraham Benjamin releases his first collection of poetry almost 20 years later. HUMBLE BEGINNINGS: A SAGA REVISED by Abraham Benjamin is a retrospect, through poetry, of his life experiences from a boy to a man — in the period before and after venturing the literary-arts scene. He holds this book as one of his dearest; finally releasing the thoughts held in for so long…in complete honesty in words. This read will be an experience of nostalgia and growth.”

Link to buy the book: Humble Beginnings: A Saga Revised (Unlocked Thoughts of a Prophet’s Temple) (Volume 1)

More Books by Abraham Benjamin

Cussing A Curse with Worse Verse by Abraham Benjamin



“After the fruitful and compelling success of its predecessor, Unlocked Thoughts of a Prophet’s Temple: Humble Beginnings, now comes the redemption driven next installment of the series. Cussing A Curse With Worse Verse is the second collection of poetry with over thirty poems to wet your mental whistle. Cussing a Curse With Worse Verse will touch you in ways never felt before.”

Link to buy the book: Cussing A Curse With Worse Verse (Unlocked Thoughts)

Spoken Soldier by Abraham Benjamin



“When you think of the words, “spoken” and “soldier,” what definitions come to mind…? Well together they have represented not only who, but what Abraham Benjamin has been for some years now. This latest collection of Spoken Soldier: The Honest Abe Movement coincides with a lyrical mission statement. As a soldier of words and knowledge, he can’t ignore certain topics any longer. A messenger of truth must speak on the reality of the times.”

Link to buy the book: Spoken Soldier (Unlocked Thoughts of a Prophet’s Temple) (Volume 3)

For more information on Author, Spoken Word Poet Abraham “Honest Abe” Benjamin, visit:
Twitter: @T_izhonestabe

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