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BRONX SPOKEN WORD POETRY-LOVERS: Its’ time to celebrate ELKAT Productions’ Smokin’ Word Open Mic Series 2-Year Anniversary with Spoken Word Artists, Wah Wah Washington & Xien Khartell @ The South of France – Friday, July 15, 2016 (NEW NIGHT – NOW ON FRIDAY – not the usual Thursday) in the Bronx! Smokin’ Word’s Bronx FREE Open Mic, along with Spoken Word Artists, “Wah-Wah” and Xien will be bringing you a show that is destined to leave you high off of entertainment.

Hosted by ELKAT’s, El Davíd. Now, EVERY 3rd FRIDAY of the month!

Smokin Word July 15, 16 Flyer


Once you see the FIRE that comes from the stage, you will definitely not want to miss what Smokin’ Word has in store for you after this 2-Year Anniversary event. This show is sure to bring more artists out wanting to see how they, too, can get involved in “Smokin’ Word Open Mic Series” and have the poetry-lovers flocking in the doors to see more great artists.


Two years ago, ELKAT Productions set out to produce an open mic that “stays true to what moves the heart and soul,” as their motto goes. What was born was a unique open mic series that featured real and talented poetic artists from around NYC. Month after month ELKAT Productions has created a show like no other; while paying homage to the creativity and energy of each featured artist. Over the past two years, Smokin’ Word has promoted a variety of artists, but most importantly, they have created a platform for poets, actors, musicians and comedians to showcase their art form on the open mic.

Smokin Word New Friday Night Image

Hosted by ELKAT’s, El Davíd. Now, EVERY 3rd FRIDAY of the month; still @ The South of France!

CHECK OUT ELKAT Productions’ – The Smokin’ Word Online

* Passion & Truth: William Washington & Xien Khartell
* Featured Book: “Americano” by Emanuel Xavier
* Smokin’ Word Recap
* Featured Poet: Mariela Regalado

Follow link: http://www.elkatproductions.com/The_Smokin_Word_12.pdf




Smokin’ Word celebrates our two-year anniversary! To celebrate this milestone we bring you the rising wordsmith, Xien Khartell and the Prose Master, William “Wah Wah” Washington. These wordsmiths induce deep thought and have a passion for their craft that lifts you off your seats to become a part of their pieces. Come celebrate our two years with us on a NEW NIGHT – FRIDAYS! If you’ve been to Smokin’ Word before, you are part of our history. Hope to see you there for another smokin’ night at the South of France!


Smokin Word 2 Year Anni Image



We thank each and every one of you that came out and shared your gift with us all over the years. And we invite you all to come out and join us as we celebrate these wonderful past two years!


If you think Smokin’ Word events, at The South of France, are HOT, wait till you get a load of what they have in store for you at their 2-year anniversary show.

Friday, July 15th, be there to enjoy phenomenal Spoken Word Poetry from Xien Khartell and William “Wah Wah” Washington; with one of the HOTTEST FREE Open Mics in the Bronx — Smokin’ Word! Also, find out for yourself how delicious the food is at the family-friendly, The South of France. I hear the Puerto Rican cuisine is authentic and to die for! So visit there often! Monthly, enJOY the food, drinks, entertainment, and good vibes with your new spoken word poetry family at Smokin’ Word!




ELKAT Productions’ Smokin’ Word Open Mic Series 2-Year Anniversary with Spoken Word Artists, Wah Wah Washington & Xien Khartell

DATE: Friday, July 15, 2016 (Now, EVERY 3rd FRIDAY of the month)
TIME: 7:00pm (Doors open); Show starts at 8:00pm

South of France
The South of France
1800 Westchester Ave.
Bronx, NY 10472
(718) 823-1133
[email protected]

TRAVEL: (6 local to St. Lawrence Ave or 6/6X to Parkchester)

For more information about ELKAT Productions or about upcoming Smokin’ Word Open Mic Series events, visit:
Webpage: www.elkatproductions.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elkatproductionsbx/?fref=ts
Twitter: @SmokinWord
Twitter: @ElDavid630

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