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{repost from June 2016}

WHO IS THIS MARK ANTHONY VIGO aka “VIGO Hard Brooklyn” that has been dropping dimes of poetic magic throughout the New York performance arts scene? And what makes him so different from the rest of the artists out there? For one thing, he is a deaf poet. But don’t let that impairment fool you! He can still “hear you” loud and clear. VIGO is so much more! Deaf, Spoken Word Poet, Mark Anthony Vigo Listens with His HeART. And gives back to the ART-LOVERS (through his writing) what he hears from their pain and struggle — to connect with them and to help them heal.

Another thing that makes him stand out from the rest is his care, compassion and unwavering LOVE for his spoken word poetry community. He truly shows respect, love, and appreciation for the artists that he works with. And he knows how to show up in support of those creating events for the people. He wants to see everyone in the community shine in their own light. It is from his vulnerabilities that he has been able to create his dopeness. He is a constant-creator who is not allowing anything to stand in his way of achieving his dreams. He will be traveling to Miami soon, as a selected writer, to take part in “the only multi-genre workshop for writers of color in the nation,” VONA/Voices. And he will be working with well-known music producers, remixing one of their singles to include Vigo’s poetry. Now that’s dope! Ya heard!

Mark Vigo Feature Image

From spending time with Vigo; talking with him and watching him perform his art, he is not allowing his deafness to keep him from hearing what the people want from him as an artist. Pay attention! He is bringing spoken word, poetry, memoir, hip-hop, and performance art to you in a way that only he can. The “VIGO Hard Brooklyn”  way. WEPA!

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