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Maria Rodriguez-Morales has a gift of writing the story so intensely, that the reader is capable of feeling the lines as if they are armor across their chest. The reader becomes empowered. Brooklyn’s Daughter by Maria Rodriguez-Morales, is a book of poems that tell the story of how she, as a Puerto-Rican in Brooklyn, observed and learned lessons – pushed back and hurdled obstacles – faced her fears – conquered battles – and rose to be the Warrior Woman that she has become.

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Brooklyn’s Daughter by Maria Rodriguez-Morales, speaks of strength, power, and wisdom. It’s about culture & family, sisterhood, growth, recognition, humanity, humility, and self-love. It tells the stories of the everyday true realities of some. And the growth of a young woman’s survival (into Womanhood) in a borough where “being tough” is a gentle description for what it takes to be “Brooklyn’s Daughter.”





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“Maria’s writing is influenced by personal experience and observations of people in her life. With the strength and conviction of a fearless mother, she speaks her truths in a language that offers hope, determination, and survival. It is evident that Maria comes to us from a great lineage of strong, powerful women. Her feminism is eloquent and necessary.

Her poems are socially responsible orchestrations reflecting a vibrant community. There is a musicality to her aesthetic that signals a new, meaningful contribution to our Latin@ arts culture.” ~ Author, Activist, Emanuel Xavier on “Brooklyn’s Daughter”




Brooklyn's Daughter Book Cover(book cover artwork by Artist, Nelson Host Santiago)

Brooklyn’s Daughter is a beautiful dedication to a borough that has been the home to many of the greats and an affirmation of empowerment to all women. Through her captivating metaphors and fascinating imagery the author warns us that “Darkness comes early” and that the “Night belongs to heathens” as eloquently stated in the opening poem “Criatura.” Throughout the book the author continuously challenges the reader to dig deep within themselves in order to tap into the fearless warrior that lies within all of us. In the poem “Lessons,” she orders the reader to “scrape your identity off of bedroom sheets/ plant your feet firm and affirm/ wear battle scars like hieroglyphics permanently etched in your soul/ paint them vividly/ a reminder of the war that has become your personal revolution/ bury your broken spirit woman/ resurrect a Warrior.”

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There is an overall theme of rebirth and resilience that is evident throughout the book. From “In My Skin” and ode to learning to love her eczema laden skin to “Hair Peace” where she chronicles her daily battle with her temperamental tresses, Brooklyn’s Daughter is a refreshing cold glass of water on a hot summer’s day. It will make you laugh, cry, and everything in between. If you’ve ever doubted yourself, been afraid, felt as if you wouldn’t make it through those torturous 4 years of high school then this book is for you. I promise you there is a poem in here that will make you feel like the author wrote it specifically for you. This is a book collector’s must have!!!” ~ Award-winning Author Nancy Arroyo Ruffin


Read Brooklyn’s Daughter by Maria Rodriguez-Morales. Give this book as a gift to any Woman that needs inspiration and encouragement to stand tall and proud of who she is. And believe in who she can become. GET INSPIRED!


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