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Bronx Spoken Word Poetry-lovers: The South of France has a NEW! Open Mic. It’s FREE. And it’s HOT! Are you looking for a spot with good vibes, good eats, good drinks; warm and inviting people, with not one, but two rounds of open mic? Look no further! Get to The DOJO, Friday, October 21, 2016 at 7:00pm for The DOJO – 36 Chambers of Word Open Mic Experience @ The South of France.

To inaugurate The DOJO – 36 Chambers of Word Open Mic Experience @ The South of France, they had to bring out the big guns of NYC poetry. Featuring for the first show will be two members of the sizzling hot poetry troupe Tantalizing AngelsMonica S. Martinez and Santos Taíno.




In the month of September, we spoken word poetry-lovers said farewell to the open mic that preceded The DOJO at The South of France — Smokin’ Word Open Mic Series. Yes, we will ALL miss ELKAT’s Smokin’ Word Open Mic Series. But ELKAT wouldn’t just leave without keeping the mic smokin’ in the BX. Oh, no! El and Kat got together with spoken word poet and curator, Tony Watts to plan a way to keep spoken word, poetry, and art at The South of France. So starting October 21st, you’ll get to witness the smooth with the roughness that is THE DOJO – 36 Chambers of Word Open Mic Experience — brought to you by Tony Watts aka Mental Sins – with The DOJO team: Tonysha DeChecchi, Yolanda Montanez, and Robert Kimble.

EVERY 3rd FRIDAY of the MONTH, come out and experience The DOJO; enJOY the food, drinks, entertainment, and good vibes. Also, find out for yourself how delicious the food is at the family-friendly South of France. I hear the Puerto Rican cuisine is authentic and to die for. I know for sure that the garlic shrimp is delish! So get there! And visit there often!




The Dojo Open Mic logo

The DOJO inaugurates its new home, The South of France, with 36 Chambers of Open Mic Experience featuring Monica S. Martinez and Santos Taíno. This event will feature TWO open mic sessions; one traditional and one rapid fire back-to-back royal rumble of word!



“Welcome to the return of the DOJO, the interactive open mic with a flare for the dramatic! We will be bringing you three segments in one show. We’ll have a traditional open mic. Sign-up list closes when Yolanda feels she doesn’t want to write down any more names. LOL

Once the show starts, we will be randomly selecting names from the list with the assistance of the audience. So if you pick yourself, don’t blame us! Oh yeah, the audience may ask you a question or four. So be prepared to share. That will conclude Chamber 1!

Chambers 2 though 34, are a little different…..(smiling mischievously). In a rapid fire 30 minute session, Whomever was not called during Chamber 1, will be picked at random by Big Rob to spit a piece, or follow the flow of the poet going before them (Oh, the tricks I have up my sleeve).

This poetic extravaganza will be like nothing you’ve ever witnessed before, so come strapped with your oohs and aahs because these chambers will be lethal! Chambers 35 & 36, will be where our master poets take the stage to present their undeniable techniques. 36 Chambers of Word, my friends – this ain’t a game!”




Monica S Martinez Fb Pic 2

Monica S. Martinez (brings you Healing)



Santos Taino Pin Stripe Image

Santos Taíno (brings you Truth)



Come have a night of open mic with poetic truth and healing from the featured artists. You’ll love the music, good food, drinks, and good people at The DOJO – 36 Chambers of Word Open Mic Experience. Come hone in your skills and show ’em what you’ve got, on the open mic! Or, just chill and enjoy the atmosphere! The DOJO will be a spot that you return to often. Remember to mark your calendars – The DOJO is EVERY 3rd FRIDAY of the month. Check it out!


The DOJO – 36 Chambers of Word Open Mic Experience @ The South of France Featuring Monica S. Martinez and Santos Taíno
DATE: Friday, October 21, 2016
TIME: 7:00pm
COST: FREE (no cover)

South of France

The South of France
1800 Westchester Ave. (corner of Beach)
Bronx, NY 10472

TRAVEL: 6 local to St. Lawrence Ave. or 6/6X to Parkchester

CLICK TO LEARN MORE about poet, author, Monica S. Martinez:

CLICK TO LEARN MORE about poet, author, Santos Taíno:

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