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  • A Plan – depending on the blog and the amount of readers that it has, making comments on a blog that you are visiting can dramatically increase your exposure to people who are looking for places to see poetry writers perform their work. And all that you need to do is look at the articles on the site and think of them as conversations. You need to participate in as many of these conversations, that show readers interested in what you are involved in, as is reasonably possible. To participate, you will need to read the entire article and make an intelligent and useful comment. For example, if the blog has an article about another poet, read the article and then use your comment to congratulate the poet on the article and let them know that you will look forward to seeing more of their work in the future. If you are familiar with the poet, you could also use your comment to give other readers your recommendation of why they should take the time to check out this poet in person. Doing this will encourage other poets to do the same for you, which not only builds a connection between you and other poets, but between you and the other readers of the blog because you are helping them separate the good from the bad when it comes to spoken word poets.



Blogging For Writers

A word of caution, though: NEVER use your comments for self-promotion or any sort of unnecessary negativity when it comes to another person’s work. You do not want people to see you as someone that goes out of their way to tarnish another person’s reputation. That’s not a good look! Remember: you are there merely to show face and to make your existence known.


Be aware of your online personality! It can make you. And if worse comes to worst, break you.


  • Consistency – being consistent means that people will start to want to hear your opinion on certain topics along with the writer of the article. It is not uncommon for blog readers to value the opinion of specific regular commentators as much as or more than the writer of the content. In many of the top blogs, the commentators are more responsible for the growth of the blog than the content writers are. The reward for being consistent is conversations and traffic. People will feel connected to you, want to know more about you, and will also want to talk to you more.


It is my sincere hope that this Blogging For Poetry Writers – 4 Steps To Effective Blog Participation For Writers article will give all poets and writers a greater understanding of what it will take to successfully build your brand and profit from your work. I hope that everyone reading this will take these four steps and put them into action right away. Not only will they prove to be extremely valuable, but they will also put you on the road to running your own effective blog if you choose to do so. Happy Blogging! 🙂

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