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750x407-SpokenWord-Banner(NewYear2020)2. If they are already art lovers, they want art. SHOW YOUR ART. This relates to finding your target audience. (reread #1.) Get your art in people’s faces. People buy what they see. They also buy what you tell them they need. To get them to see what they need in their life, if it’s your product, you have to keep showing it to them. Advertisement. Just as you see on T.V. during commercial breaks. We buy what we are aware of.

3. Show your heART in your art and it will sell.
People connect to what makes them feel anything and what educates them.

4. Connect with the audience’s emotions. Whether you’re selling poetry, performance art, photography, Art Deco or canvas art, if you can get your audience to RELATE to it, it will sell. And even if they don’t connect to that piece in front of them, make it so they can still connect to YOU.

5. Get your audience to CONNECT to you and they will be interested in seeing more of what you have to offer. They will find a way to stay connected and to see you again – soon to find something of yours that they love and can purchase. Whether it’s your product, tickets to see you or both.

6. Be humble. Be human.
This goes back to relating and connecting. Show that you have feelings and wants and needs and dreams and desires and passion and family and bills… that you love what you do and do it for your love & passion for your art. Also for the people/the community/art lovers. Make your target audience feel included and important. Because they are. Without them… Well, you know.

Show that you are everything that your audience is: that you’re just trying to make it; live out your dreams (people relate to that), and you’ll not only get people to purchase your art (support), you’ll make a fan. And nothing beats a repeat customer.

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