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[October 4, 2017 UPDATE] Sydney Valerio’s National Black Theatre and Nuyorican Poets’ Cafe sold-out one-woman show MATTERS is back by popular demand. This time she is coming much harder with “Matters 2.0 – You Right Here You Write There” @ The Corcho Wine Room (Manhattan) for The 12th Annual Latin American Cultural Week – Saturday, November 18, 2017. Get your tickets early to this must-see show: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/matters-20-you-right-here-you-write-there-tickets-37328236761

GET  TO KNOW Spoken Word Poet, performance artist, Sydney Valerio! She is so dope! Read on!

Matters Nov 18, 17 flyer


WHO THE HELL is Sydney Valerio?! Some, I imagine, are asking that question. If you do not know her, I promise you will want to know more of her once you read her poetry, or see her performing Live! Spoken Word Poet, Sydney Valerio keeps us connected to what really MATTERS in life. Sydney… doesn’t write like 4 out of 5 recommended ‘ordinary’ poets. No, she is that poet who steps out of bounds; who writes outside the margin. And digs deeply. You will FEEL her story. Her writing is profoundly story-based. She writes about the realities of the world and how they affect the young and old. She speaks on the atrocities that occur right under our noses. She brings awareness to violence and abuse. She uses her voice to speak up for the people whom are being overlooked. She is about community and building. She is a passionate supporter of people and believes in being inspired by them. She opens minds to new perspective and to new attitude. In her poetry, you come away from it thinking: “How did she know? She just damn near told my whole life in this piece…she understands what I’m going through.” That’s just how different she is as a writer. And her different writing style is most welcomed by the poetry-lover.

Who is Sydney Valerio, you ask? She is an educated Woman of style and class. She is beauty, inside and out. She is a Mother. She is a community activist and a leader. She is a writer, poet, performer, educator, professor, youth-leadership developer, human being… she is every Woman. She is everything she sets her mind to being. And does what she sets her thoughts at doing. And when it comes to what she has to offer society, she is LOVE and unadulterated MAGIC!


Sydney brings something special to the arts. And the people (art-lovers) deserve to know about this Spoken Word Artist. You must read her poetry and see her perform. I relished in the performance of this powerful poet in the Full Circle Ensemble NYC production, Misconceptions, TOO in March 2016. She took home the win and the opportunity to have her own showcase at the Nuyorican Poets’ Café in the Full Circle Ensemble NYC production Part 2: Standing in Your Truth in September 2016. I recently witnessed her growth at Smokin’ Word Open Mic Series when she owned the open mic by wowing the crowd with a full-on powerhouse performance in just 3-minutes. This performance poet knows how to put on a show. TRUST! SHE is one to follow and to become a fan of — if not a fan already!

SEE her Friday, November 11, 2016 @ The Nuyorican Poets’ Café performing in her one-woman show, MATTERS and see for yourself the passion she has for her craft and the MAGIC she brings to  the arts — for the TRUE ART-LOVERS! You WILL definitely enjoy the show! HURRY! The date is soon approaching — GET YOUR TICKETS QUICKLY, SEATS ARE LIMITED and availability is nearing standing room only! (only a small amount of tickets available at the door.)

Clink link to learn more about Sydney Valerio’s one-woman show, MATTERS: http://spokenwordnewyork.com/full-circle-ensemble-nyc-presents-sydney-valerio-in-matters-a-one-woman-show-nuyorican-poets-cafe-friday-november-11-2016/2831

“Sydney Valerio is amazing. She has not only made me proud but superseded my expectations as the true artist she is and has become. She took my one-person workshop and is a beast. Thank you for trusting me in your growth and process. Te adoro.” ~ Andres “Chulisi” Rodriguez (Director of Matters)



Sydney Valerio joined the spoken word scene in 2015 as part of the Full Circle Ensemble’s ‘Sunday Writing Circle’ in the Bronx. She enjoys focusing on the socio-cultural aspects of life that shape our perspective. She dedicates her gift to uplift to youth-development and the preservation of cultural literacy. She performed in Misconceptions, Too at the National Black Theater in 2016. She has featured for the ELKAT Productions Smokin’ Word Open Mic, LatinosNYC Presents at the Nuyorican Poets’ Café and the Bronx Museum’s Bronx Stories.

Her poetry has been published by the Dominican Writers Association and La Galeria Magazine. She has a one-woman show Matters that won the Full Circle Ensemble one-person show contest in the Part 2: Standing in Your Truth theatrical production in September 2016. Matters will be performed in full-length in November of 2016 at the Nuyorican Poets’ Café. Her poetry will be published in an anthology to be released in 2017.

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