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Self-Promotion For Artists – Want Money This Year, Invest Time In You

You may be able to pay someone to promote you. And if so, that’s wonderful. But, no one can hustle – sell you, what you have to offer, what you’ve created and believe in – like YOU. Because your work is a part of you. It comes from within you; your soul. So of course, your own words about your [heART work] would be well received. And if people can relate to it, feel something from it, LOVE and appreciate your work …Monica S. Martinez Happy Cummings Tee (Facebook) image

Nancy_Ruffin_EmpowHERment_website_imageWho better to speak to the people – get them to connect to you and your work – get them to understand the purpose of your work or event by reaching the sympathetic corners of their souls – than YOU.

Get the word out! Let everybody know how great this event/product/service you’re offering is and is going to be. And what it will do for them — how it will benefit them/how they’ll enjoy it.

Talk to EVERYONE about it, at every opportunity. They’ll see for themselves once they’re involved. Only thing is: they’ve got to KNOW ABOUT IT to see the greatness.Capicu Cultural Showcase Pic for Hot Spots

Get the word out! Besides, when it comes to dollars and sense: The more who know, more dough. (yeah, that was corny, but you get what I’m saying, though.)

Don’t fall into the habit of expecting someone to do more for the exposure of your purpose or your work than you are doing for yourself. (Just because you are paying them or because you are the talent/creator.) Everyone on your team (that is involved in the promotion of your work) has a job. But, YOU still have to manage how you make your money. And that requires SUPPORTING yourself as well as your teammates.

Call Me Crazy logoSpeak of your work! Be humble, yet, be proud of it! Especially if it’s something that will bring knowledge and joy (positives) to the minds and hearts of others. You worked hard. You showed up and busted your bum to create your brand, business, and products. Don’t quit on your work by not putting in the work to get your brand/business/products in the faces of all that are looking for your genre of art.

latinosnyc_banner_imageNow do you believe in self-promotion? Did you notice the [images throughout the article displaying independent artists, just like yourself, using self-promotion] to get the word out about their brand/business/product? This is how it is done!

Want more money this year? Invest time in you! Get busy! 😉

Have a safe, healthy, and prosperous New Year 2018! BE well!

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