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If you are the hopeless romantic, you will find Poems for Her by Joaquin Capehart a book that reaches your inner most feelings and opens your mind to letting go and letting love in. Poems for Her will open your heart to wanting love and to keeping hope.



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The poet truly believes that in some situations, in order to obtain closure, we must first open up. In this book, Poems for Her he is doing just that. This second book has been written around the sound of a heartbeat. Lose yourself between these pages as you experience his pain, hope and love.



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In 2011, Joaquin Capehart published his first book of poetry entitled Thoughts of a Spoken Poet. Since then, Joaquin has pulled his words from the page and has taken his voice to the stage. He has performed spoken word for LaGuardia Community College and has also performed spoken word at The Nuyorican Poets’ Café over a dozen times. In December 2014 he published his second poetry book Poems for Her and continues to write — either poetry lines or story lines for comic books.


“Unwanted Muse”

I’m still writing about you
One day I’ll stop
But until I do
I will let every word written
Drip angrily from these fingertips
With a mind waiting for the moment you will no longer be missed” ~ Joaquin Capehart



TO PURCHASE POEMS FOR HER by Joaquin Capehart, visit:

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Author House: http://bookstore.authorhouse.com/Products/SKU-000972549/Poems-for-Her.aspx


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