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“When it comes to the arts, I don’t compete, I contribute.”Latanya DeVaughn/Founder of UrbanVoicesHeard, The Sunday Writing Circle, Full Circle Ensemble NYC


TO THOSE WITH A PUBLIC VOICE that others listen to/follow…

Please, choose your words carefully when speaking on the issues that affect your community of people and when speaking to create change for betterment of all people — watch what you say publicly. Try not to inspire or provoke negativity among the people. A negative-point is communicable in a positive way.
With all of the negativity that has an effect on the people – within our communities and around the world – you have every right to SPEAK on it. Please do! We need you to. And when you do…
Because people are listening/following – some awaiting your response to know how they should respond – know when it’s that time to keep your mouth shut if you can’t NOT respond without being an actual threat to the situation (making matters worse by publicly responding to negative with a hot head and a negative-attitude — one cannot think and communicate effectively that way. and solutions are most likely going to be amiss.). There is a way to combat the issue at hand properly. Get creative!
Do everything within YOUR POWER (because YOU have a VOICE) to not allow the negativity to build and spread within people. The world has too much negativity and hate in it. Think things that will create new processes and use your VOICE (write, document, and speak) to be part of the solution. Before you share your thoughts, ask yourself: are my words going to be part of the problem or will it manifest thought, understanding, open-mindedness, or bring about forward movement in the mindsets of the people?
Continue your understanding, contributing, and support, civilly. Do not feed into the negativity. We have to fight with unshakable sensibility for positive productivity. (Especially when dealing with people planted in hate.) It’s okay to be angry. But we must also remain smarter.

“I would like to see the process changed. Artists need basics and foundations to be creative in and then break out of. Too much is done based on feeling without paying attention to process. Art is about creativity, not just emotion.”Artist, Tai Allen (https://twitter.com/taiallenmusic)

“…the political is personal and the personal political.”
Writer, Robert Waddell (https://virtualboricua.wordpress.com/)

“I am a black poet who will not remain silent while this nation murders black people. I have a right to be angry.”
#InsurgentPoetsSociety (https://www.facebook.com/InsurgentPoets/?fref=ts)


What are YOU DOING with your craft to CREATE POSITIVE CHANGE in the world?

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