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An Open Letter to Spoken Word Artists, Poets, and Writers

Happy New Year 2017, Artists! If you are reading this, CONGRATULATIONS! You made it through 2016! That is something to celebrate and be darn proud of. Sadly, we lost some of the greats in the arts world in 2016. Some we knew on a personal and some we grew up with and connected to through their years of giving us life through their craft. They will be missed but never forgotten. Can I just say it… 2016 was a crappy year! (that’s my nice way of putting it!) And I’m so glad to see it gone! I’m welcoming 2017 with open arms filled with love and light! Who’s with me?!
This is going to be the year for the spoken word artists, poets, and writers. And the best year of creating with: COLLABORATION, COMPASSION, COMMUNITY — to develop CHANGE. Why? Because the average being wants to know ‘WHY?’ Won’t YOU – the artists, poets, writers – put it out there for us? Won’t you keep us aware?
Throughout this letter you’ll find quotes of some of NYC’s most compassionate artists/poets/writers who are taking action and delivering on doing their part to bring about awareness for social justice and social change in our communities. Now… let’s get into the purpose of this letter. Let’s talk about how change in the world depends on the spoken word artists, poets, and writers!


“There are still poets out there who insist that politics should have nothing to do with poetry. You complacent mass of asses.” Poet, Writer, Author, Rich Villar (http://www.literatiboricua.com)

Writers, Poets, Spoken Word Artists:

Look around you. See the struggles. Be aware of what is happening in our world. Recognize what YOU can do with your craft. Putting out awesome works for the people is a given. But to put out works that will inspire, educate, revolutionize, or free the people (mind, body, spirit)… that’s godly right there. Your gift to create and talent to make something bigger than yourself from your gift is a blessing. Treat it as such! And gift unto the people what is best for them — in appreciation for your gift.
USE YOUR WORDS to open minds to consciousness and to fight against hate, racism (all of the oppressive isms), injustice. Make your words a VOICE for those who are not being heard. The People need you! WRITE! DOCUMENT! PUBLISH! Write and Speak freedom, escape, justice and change into existence! O’, and LOVE. Put your heart into your writing/speaking and allow the people to feel love!

“Revolution Is The Only Solution.”poet, activist, EL DAVÍD

Activist, poet EL DAVÍD’s poetry book For The People is an embodiment of El’s passion, love and ideologies. “Winds of Change” is a perfect example of how El DAVÍD places a magnifying glass on the truths and calls out that, “Revolution Is The Only Solution.” Speaking from his heart and soul, with a no holds barred attitude he, “Toast[s] to the Outlaws of Poetry” and sets things off like a “Time Bomb.” And as a gift to his supporters and to the people, he offers his For The People poetry book FREE of charge on Lulu. Pick up your FREE e-book copy @ http://www.lulu.com/shop/el-david/for-the-people/ebook/product-22161225.html.


What are YOU DOING with your craft to CREATE POSITIVE CHANGE in the world?

“I am driven to create awareness of how much displacement and relocation (historically and currently) our cultural community has had to endure; especially, as I see how the economic developmental agenda of our city is pushing out my family and my culture from my neighborhood. My story and the story of my community drive me to write and create a documentation of what has happened and is happening.”Spoken Word Poet, Sydney Valerio (www.sydneyvalerio.com)

I’M NOT EXPECTING ANY ONE PERSON to come up with a way to right all of the wrongs in the world and create change in the world over night. No one person has all the facts. But we can get together with like-minded individuals and start planning processes that will chip away at some of the wrongs that we see here in America and all around. Collaboration brings together the best ideas from everyone, and then creates a synergy that may produce an even better idea than anyone imagined.
Do we ever get so attached to our ideas that we don’t allow others to come in and address an issue in a new way?
Other professions have found that by bringing in people with a variety of knowledge and ideas, they create collaborations that produce solutions that work. Their resulting solution would never have been dreamed up by any single individual. It often takes group collaboration and all the expertise to think in new ways and chart a new course. Be willing to collaborate and you may find that the best solutions are in the group, not in yourself.

“Out of the mainstream and away from the tributaries.” ~ Spoken Word Artist, Publisher, Jane Ormerod (www.greatweatherformedia.com)


What are YOU DOING with your craft to CREATE POSITIVE CHANGE in the world?

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