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{Jan. 2018 Updated info} Spoken Word New York recently got to speak with the multi-talented, well-known, highly-acclaimed, award-winning artist, poet, Tai Allen. He has always been someone whom I’ve wanted to sit down and talk to because on the surface he appears to have this rough exterior and carries himself in such a way that almost appears intimidating. He’s a serious-looking man, with the stature of 6’5″ and a baritone voice that makes your spine straighten when he speaks. Oooh, and when he sings… so very YES!

Tai Allen

I’m glad that Spoken Word New York recently got the opportunity to get to know a little bit more about the artist and what he’s been up to – for myself and for others out there curious about the real Tai Allen. He is the epitome of “you can’t judge a book by its cover.” He is friendly and very approachable, indeed. He is style, intelligence and creativity all wrapped up into one — A man that is a genius with his talents. And like fine wine, continues to better with age. Whether he is working on his own projects or helping others reach their goals, Tai Allen is just what this business needs for the future growth of the artistic community.

Tai Allen No Jewels front cover

SWNY: In our last serious conversation about your career in the arts, you were working with Vicelounge, creating Art through technology, writing Poetry and new music for the times – finishing up an instrumental EP – and working on the plans for a phone app. Tell us what you’ve been doing in Spoken Word Poetry since then?

TA: Wow. That was a long time ago. Vicelounge, sadly, broke up. We decided to pursue selfish interests. Jonn, who I am still close with, continued working with YRB Magazine and I, of course, continued in music and co-founded annual Tap+Cork: Brooklyn Beer & Wine Fest.

And, I also co-founded Arts+Crafts, Inc with poet/singer isis. We’ve teamed with folks such as DJ CEO, where we do experientials that recognize the importance of giving neighborhoods amazing things to do and connect with one another.

As for poetry, (I abhor the term spoken word) I have been blessed. I was invited to join the Steering Committee for the National Black Writers’ Conference and also host the Poetry Café. I also lead workshops/work with students around the country, sometimes partnering with Dasan Ahanu. And, I’ve been fortunate to have work published, including in the renown Killens Review.

SWNY: [laughing] Okay. I’ll just say Poetry from now on.

{2017 chapbook release} NEW MUSIC by Spoken Word Poet, Internationally known Artist, Tai Allen (@taiallenmusic). It’s NICE & SMOOTH, toe-tappin’, slow groovin’, chillin’ music!

Click link to hear more from Tai Allen: www.taiallen.bandcamp.com

Also, get your copy of his May 2017 book release, No Jewels: http://taiallen.com/booklaunch/

Find his poetry, prose book No Jewels on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/No-Jewels-Tai-Allen/dp/069286167X/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1514938292&sr=1-1&keywords=no+jewels


Read on, and get to know more about the multifaceted artist, poet, Tai Allen!

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