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LET’S BEGIN WITH a simple fact: Money is a side effect of having value. If you have something of value to offer to the people, the people will want to get involved.

Why did you choose to be an artist? What comes from being an artist? Was it your calling to become an artist? Or did you simply decide you wanted to get involved in art for the love of it and for what you can earn from it? These questions are asked for the sole reason for artists to analyze what it is that they want to gain as an artist.750x407-SpokenWord-Banner-v2(NewYear2020)
If your purpose is to make money – to get people to buy your art – you must first understand why people purchase art. Why do people purchase art? People buy art for 4 basic reasons:

1. For their love of and passion for art
2. To gain the respect of their friends
3. To furnish their homes
4. To make a profit at some point

Now you’re wondering how you can get people to buy your art. Keep reading to find out how simple it is.

1. Find your target audience; the people already interested in your type of art.
With the Internet available, you can search for groups and art pages and open forums. Share your art or happenings wherever you are (freely) invited to do so. Attend events hosting your type of art. Use word-of-mouth. You’ll find people even in your networks/social media. Get to know them/your audience. (Not intimately. Just their interests in your type of art.) Ask questions and engage in conversation. If what you are offering is their cup of tea, at some point, they will show up for it.

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